South London Photographer: Community involvement

A couple of years ago when I was first finding my bearings as a photographer I was asked by Paradise Co-op to document their summer fete which they were hosting on Dobbins Field, just across the road from the prison in Wandsworth. I wrote quite a long blog post about how I’d lived very near to there for many years and what an integral part of the community both Paradise Co-op and the prison were.  The Co-op provides some amazing services to everyone, including their neighbours, throughout the the local community and so I was very happy to be asked to come along again to document this year’s fete on July 15th. Find out more about the day here.  I’m reposting some of the images with a much shorter post and look forward to being there on the day.

Here are some images to remind you of how pretty it all looked and what fun it was last time.

(c)SJField 2015

Paradise co-op-2345Paradise co-op-8547Paradise co-op-2484Paradise co-op-2412Paradise co-op-2473Paradise co-op-8604Paradise co-op-2361Paradise co-op-2469Paradise co-op-2377Paradise co-op-2439Paradise co-op-2352Paradise co-op-2346