South London Photographer: A favourite

I thought I might post a few favourite photographs taken over the last twelve months between now and the end of the year. I’m starting with this image which I took during the summer holidays.  I made this on my phone as I do so many images, edited in Snapseed and probably in Instagram a little too.

Enjoy the weekend!

Image (c)SJField 2016





South London Photographer: In Northern France

This will be just a short post.  I am currently surrounded by three little boys who really need to go back to school.  It’s quite loud!

We have just got back from our annual camping holiday.  Camping isn’t my favourite way of going about things to be honest, but it’s cheap and the children absolutely love it – their enjoyment definitely makes it worth the effort.  I’m OK with a couple of days, but after a week I’m always very glad to get back to having a roof and windows. And my own shower is always extremely welcome when I return home.

However, I do thoroughly enjoy my coffee outside in the morning and a glass of wine as the sun sets in the evening. But really, I find it hard work and the whole camping experience takes up so much time you don’t get to do all the other things you’d like to do.  We had a great week nevertheless.

I really, really loved Normandy.  The beaches are absolutely stunning; the tide goes out so far which means they are huge and expansive for much of the time.  It never felt crowded even on the hot sunny days when there were plenty of people about.

There are also lots of beautiful forests about and I would have liked to have spent some more time exploring those, but it’s not far so we’ll certainly return.  Plus all the fascinating war memorials  – I am really disappointed we never made it to any of those.  Maybe next time and in a proper building too.

Here are a just handful of images from my time there.  Shame about the endless rain back in Blighty – apparently it’s here for much of the week.  I do hope we have more sun before the end of the school holidays as I’m looking forward to a last little visit to the seaside.

I must go – I’ve just heard Son No 2 listening to something on YouTube which is utterly inappropriate … geez!  Come on school, we need you back!



Here are a few of my favourites from the beautiful Normandy…

(c)Sarah-Jane Field 2015