London Corporate Photographer

I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Racepoint Global, based at Westfield, Shepherds Bush, a couple of weeks ago.  I was asked to come in and take photos of employees that illustrate their hobbies along with some straight head shots.  The hobby shots are going to be added to a space in the waiting area of Racepoint’s office where photographs of all the people who work there are displayed doing something they love.  It works really well; and it was good to spend the day finding out how all the people I photographed spend their spare time.  What a lot of healthy, fit and very clever people!

I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day which was fortuitous as I was far too tired to have a sneaky trip round all the shops at Westfield Shopping Centre; thank goodness I don’t work there on a daily basis – not sure I’d ever have any money.

I can’t go without saying a big thank you to Sonia Carneiro, Racepoint’s multi-talented office manager.  She has assisted on a few shoots in the past and helped me out during my time in Shepherds Bush, and I couldn’t have asked for a better assistant!

See some examples below:


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