South London Photographer: Corporate​ Headshots

We’re barely through the first week of the new year and I’ve not stopped since first thing Monday morning. I can’t claim ‘no rest for the wicked’ because I was lucky enough to have had a super break over Christmas (thanks to all who made that possible and no, that does not include the drone gremlins at Gatwick), which meant being more than happy to leap back in. It seems to be going well for now – yesterday after I finished off an edit and my clients told me they were very pleased with the results, they paid me half an hour after I sent the invoice. You don’t get that very often, do you? I was exceedingly grateful! I will certainly be popping a couple of these lovely faces up on my site and thought I’d share a sample here too. If you also fancy a fresh new look on your website or social media platforms for 2019, do get in touch for details about corporate headshots and profile pictures. In the meantime, I hope your holidays were everything you wanted and now that the twinkly lights and silver tinsel have gone back in the cupboard, that you’re also feeling ready to get on with ‘stuff’ again. (c)SJField2018



South London Photographer: Albums

It’s that time of year again when well-known brands start releasing their big-budget adverts and the shops go crazy trying to sell us plastic and gift sets. For me, it’s when I start to think about creating a family photo album. To be honest, I am normally pretty busy with work so I don’t get round to doing my own one until February at least. I thought I’d share the last album I created so you can see how special these objects are. Despite people thinking photographs mostly look best on screen, you can’t beat a beautiful book to hold in your hands and keep on your shelves.  It’s quite wrong too, you know, about images looking better on screens. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It depends on the image and its meaning in the world. I could attempt a long academic rant about it but I’ll refrain from inflicting that on you. What I am certain about, is that I am often really thrilled when seeing how an image looks on paper.

Click on the link below to scroll through a PDF of my last family album and if you are interested in hiring me to do something similar for you, do get in touch!

PDF of my Family Album (c)SJField2018

I am offering a 5% discount on all family and child bookings until 1st December 2018. T&Cs apply – see my site for details.



(c)SJField 2017-1947DSCF19472017
An image I included in my album



South London Photographer: Showing work in Wandsworth

I recently installed a piece of developing conceptual work called i will have call you (sic) and wish to thank local entrepreneur and community organiser Brendan Conway for his ongoing support and the opportunity. Brendan had accessed an unused business space and arranged a series of events for Wandsworth residents aimed at encouraging community cohesion. Brendan’s programme runs to the end of the week and my own piece is available to view throughout. It was great to see so many people there for a talk given by historian Geoff Simmons last night. See below for details regarding the rest of the programme.

As the type of work I was showing often feels risky to share with the world, it is heartwarming to have the support and encouragement from Brendan as well as from the people who came along to the see the show, or proofread for me, or simply offered advice along the way. You can find out a bit more about the project on my website.

I would also like to say a big thank you to The Newspaper Club who printed and sponsored the newspaper element of the installation. I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I was with them. They were patient, kind, professional and the end product is excellent. If anyone is looking to make newspapers for artwork or any type of marketing I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Some images of my work installed at the Riverside Community Business Centre


A short phone video of the printed material

(c) SJField 2018

And information about what is on the schedule for the rest of the weekScreen Shot 2018-11-07 at 11.43.40

South London Photographer: People’s Vote March, October​ 2018

I recall taking photographs at the first anti-Brexit March in 2016, shortly after the vote took place. Although, of course, there were laughing and smiling people to photograph this time around, the mood I picked up on and see on my screen as I scroll through the images I took is very different from the earlier demonstration. I wasn’t able to stay for long, but long enough to capture these, a visual document of expressions which say a great deal about this dramatic moment in the history of the UK.


All images (c)SJField 2018