A Wedding at the County Arms in Wandsworth

I know I am in a similar boat to many other photographers who have endured a year and a half of barely any events to photograph! However, I am happy to say that work is beginning to trickle back. And what better way to reintroduce myself to the wedding scene than to share this beautiful occasion. Liz and Bayly are a wonderfully thoughtful, kind couple who went out of their way to hire local contractors and make their intimate wedding an opportunity to support local business, as well as celebrate their vows with close family and friends. Thank you to both of them for sharing their day with me and allowing me to share it with you. Below are a handful of moments from the event, some of which I’ll definitely be adding to my website.

In the meantime, do enjoy these pictures of this lovely family having a wonderful wedding in Wandsworth!

All images ©SFurniss2021 (formerly SJField)


South London Photographer: Post Lockdown Wedding

I want to focus on the present and celebrate this lovely couple’s intimate wedding at Wandsworth Council but it would be remiss of me to begin without acknowledging recent events … oh, my goodness, how weird were the last few months? None of us is sure it’s all over yet, but it certainly felt good to be getting back to work again. Capturing a wedding was a great way to start. Will and Emma had to change their original plans but they still managed to have plenty of guests via Zoom, along with close relatives in the room. And what a perfect day it was too. The registrars did a super job maintaining social distancing while accommodating the guests – the main difference for me was that I wasn’t allowed to move around in the registry office but, nevertheless, we still managed to capture the smiles, kisses, special glances and oodles of joy. Huge congratulations and best of luck to Emma and Will! I’m so glad they got to have their special day.

PS. One of my favourite images below is the way the bride and groom’s shadows had a sneaky kiss as their owners walked down the street… so romantic!

All images (c)SJField2020

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South London Photographer: Leeds Castle Wedding

The title of this blog might sound geographically a little bit confusing, but we should make no mistake about the love and adoration between the newlywed couple who very clearly adore each other! It was such an honour to document this amazing, sumptuous and very lovely wedding a couple of weeks ago and to spend time with Mr. & Mrs. Pitcher along with their respective families. I wish everyone the very best for the future.

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South London Photographer: Wedding in Islington​

I was so pleased to be asked to photograph Carlo & Helena’s wedding. They had relatives fly in from all over the world to witness their marriage, and so they hired an old London bus and gave them all a tour of our exciting and terrific city on the way to the reception. It was brilliant listening to the most hilarious, and surely one of the best tour guides ever, who also happened to be Helena’s very good friend and colleague. It was an absolute treat and honour to be part of Helena & Carlo’s day and to meet their wonderful families. Here is a sample of images. Massive congratulations to them both!

(c)SJField 2018

HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-7950
HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-7962HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-8038HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-8066HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-8073HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-8098HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-8170HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-8181HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-8263Helen&CarloLowRes(c)SJField2018-8111HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-8134HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-8176HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-8216HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-8317HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-0122HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-0380HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-0283HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-0342HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-0384 HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-0684HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-0711HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-0623HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-0759HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-8342HelenCarlo Blog2018(c)SJField2018-0493

South London Photographer: North London Wedding

…OK, my headline is probably a little misleading, as the wedding itself was actually rather central although hovering on the boundaries of North London.  But the reception was all the way over at RAF Northolt, which for a South Londoner seems like it might be in a whole different city. It was certainly more than worth the trip! The wedding was attended by wonderful friends and family who all made my job fun by being so lovely. And the couple, Emily and James Warrender, are a truly impressive pair. And I’m not being remotely hyperbolic. As I listened to the speeches I was rather overawed by the couple’s accomplishments. I wish Emily and James the very best and hope their marriage is as successful as both their careers. Congratulations!

Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-3878IMG_38782017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-IMG_3869-Edit2017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-3841IMG_38412017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-3930IMG_39302017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-3992IMG_39922017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-1201IMG_12012017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-1204IMG_12042017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4139IMG_41392017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4123IMG_41232017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4072IMG_40722017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4126IMG_41262017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4194IMG_41942017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4229IMG_42292017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-1280IMG_12802017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-1279IMG_12792017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-1267IMG_12672017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-IMG_4271-Edit2017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4262IMG_42622017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4328IMG_43282017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-2524DSCF25242017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-IMG_4413-Edit2017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-2DSCF2529-Edit-22017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4435IMG_44352017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4368IMG_43682017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4425IMG_44252017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4444IMG_44442017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-2592DSCF25922017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-2561DSCF25612017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4495IMG_44952017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4477IMG_44772017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4478IMG_44782017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4562IMG_45622017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-2575DSCF25752017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4594IMG_45942017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4515IMG_45152017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4564IMG_45642017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-2554DSCF25542017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4540IMG_45402017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-2614DSCF26142017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4693IMG_46932017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-2584DSCF25842017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4702IMG_47022017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-IMG_4710-Edit2017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4742IMG_47422017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4854IMG_48542017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4947IMG_49472017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-4964IMG_49642017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-5011IMG_50112017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-5038IMG_50382017Warrender online blog (c)SJField 2017-5057IMG_50572017

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South London Photographer: A very local wedding

A couple of weeks ago I dropped the kids off at school and sauntered down the road to Wandsworth Registry Office to photograph one of the loveliest weddings. Maybe most weddings are lovely but I particularly liked being witness to the genuine and extremely evident feelings of joy I hope I was able to capture in this one.  And what a cute baby to make my day too.  I’m so pleased Hannah & Andy got in touch with me so I could photograph their day. All in all, everything about my morning at work that day made me think, this job’s pretty good indeed. As always in blog posts about weddings, I think I’ll let the photographs do the talking.  Have a great week, SJ

All images (c)SJField 2016


South London Photographer: At a North London Wedding

Things that do it for me: Originality, authenticity, intelligence and sheds loads of good-natured humour.  Kate and Neil’s wedding, which took place at Islington Town Hall and then The Draper’s Arms, contained all those elements. And to top it off there were lots and lots of kids running around too, which I always love at a wedding.  Kate and Neil stamped their personalities all over every aspect of the wedding from the moment the day started.  Kate sang beautifully at the beginning of the ceremony, and Neil had written a script which friends of theirs performed.  One of the absolute best moments was the wonderfully idiosyncratic and highly original way in which the speeches were made.  Instead of simply standing up and talking as we might have expected they did it in the style of Just a Minute, which was hosted by the fantastically funny Bernard in Nicholas Parson’s role (seriously funny actually, a mutual composer friend of ours, whom I recently discovered won a Perrier Award at the Edinburgh festival some years ago!) and everyone involved had to say what they wanted without, of course, hesitation, repetition or deviation. As you can imagine there was plenty of buzzing, which led to masses of laughter and fun. It was such a wonderful and clever way to express themselves and I know the guests all really enjoyed it too. Thanks Kate and Neil for inviting me to be part of your day – it was terrific.


All images (c)Sarah-Jane Field 2015

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South London Photographer: Wedding at St. Mary’s, Paddington Green

I was thrilled to be asked to photograph Ryan and Jessie’s wedding in the beautiful St. Mary’s on Paddington Green. And wow, they both looked amazing and so in love.  I am going to let the photographs do the talking this week as I really think the expressions of joy, adoration and commitment speak for themselves .  All I will say is thank you very much to Ryan and Jessie for giving me the opportunity to do their wedding.  I felt really blessed to be there, to capture their wonderful day and to be able to record some beautiful memories for them.


All images (c)sarahjanefield 2015


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South London Photographer: Spring and getting on with ‘stuff’

Despite the inconsistent weather, warm one minute, freezing the next, it’s great to know that spring is poking its buds into the snug little cave I’ve been hibernating inside of these last few months. I do know this because I suddenly feel a little more energetic and am starting to do things that have been languishing on the ‘list of things to do’ for a while now. (Perhaps I must remember to pack away a bigger store of nuts for the next winter.)

So, having been meaning to make a few changes to my website for some months, I am now rather pleased to have done so and can see the very long ‘list of things to do’ beginning to shorten. Making space for more.

As well as work and college tasks, I have also been doing some traditional spring-cleaning. Sorting and de-cluttering is always therapeutic and what’s more it’s just great to be able to sit down without finding a bit of Lego or train set stabbing you in the bottom.   Of course, Son No 1, is pretty much up-in-arms about this new zest for order I’ve suddenly imposed. Nothing like some inconsistent parenting to confuse the complacency out of the little monkeys; but I do find it keeps them on their toes.

When I explained we’d be tidying the older boys’ room and taking some of the toys, of which they have far too many, down to the charity shop both of them rather appallingly said, “Yay, then they’ll give us some money so we can buy some more!”

“Uh, no… that’s not quite how it works…” Seems I should have got it together a bit sooner, but better late then never, I hope.

My oldest son also told me that messy rooms are much cosier. We sat down and discussed the term ‘pathologically chaotic’ and messy, however, in retrospect I’m pretty certain letting your child know that you think he is somewhat emotionally and developmentally challenged might fall outside the boundaries of positive reinforcement and all that….oops!

As any mum knows, taking care of your family as well as trying to take care of yourself and your work can be exhausting and demanding, so I have to add I am always grateful for the help I receive, especially the constructive and genuine sort – and I do receive a lot from here and there. My life is certainly richer for it.

So, just to remind everyone, I do events and have finally, prompted by queries and the rhythm of changing seasons, managed to update my site, so prospective clients actually have a chance of finding me!

Have a great week,



Below are photographs from one of the the nicest weddings I’ve ever been at and I was really chuffed to have been asked to do it.  I’ve got a couple of lovely looking weddings coming up, and beginning to get queries for more and other events so it’s certainly time to start letting people see some more examples.  These were taken on one of the hottest days of the year. See other weddings and events on my site.

All images (c)Sarah-Jane Field 2014untitled-9366 untitled-9905 untitled-9375 untitled-0184 untitled-0066 untitled-9449 untitled-0113 untitled-9451 untitled-9382untitled-0188untitled-9398 untitled-0189 untitled-0215 untitled-0352

Sarah & Robert’s Chelsea Wedding – London Photographer

I was flattered and really touched to be asked to photograph Sarah & Robert’s wedding.  And what a lovely wedding it was too – so much fun and very relaxed on one of the hottest days of the year.  I loved the early service followed by coffee, amazing pastries, Bloody Marys, champagne and lunch – what a great way to do it. The children were a huge part of everything, which I love to see, and they had a great time at the registry office and in a lovely Wandsworth garden where family and close friends got together for a wonderful day of eating, drinking and enjoyment.  Sarah looked beautiful as always and absolutely radiated joy and love all day. Big thanks to both Sarah & Robert for asking me to be their photographer and wishing the whole family all the best for a long and happy future!

untitled-untitled--2 untitled-9357 untitled-9926 untitled-9899untitled-9360untitled--3untitled--4untitled-9382untitled-0019untitled--5untitled-0068untitled--6untitled-0108untitled-0120untitled-0123untitled-0155untitled-0169untitled-0180untitled-0188untitled-9394untitled--7untitled--8untitled-9421untitled-0237untitled-0238untitled-0281untitled-0307untitled-0318untitled-0342untitled-0348untitled-0352untitled-0357untitled-0386untitled-0400untitled-9448

untitled-0438untitled-0440 untitled-0442untitled-0443untitled-0469 untitled-9468 untitled-9491 untitled-9477 untitled-9471