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Bernard Hughes, talented composer based in South London, needed some updated images for his website and upcoming projects.  We spent a lovely sunny morning together where I banged on about how little I know about music – poor guy!  But he’s ended up with some images he’s very happy with so hopefully it was worth it.

You can find out more about Bernard’s work on his website –


Wandsworth Family Photographer

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untitled-0192Having focused on the technical side of things with photography over the last year or so I am now studying with the Open College of Arts where I’m spending much more time and energy concentrating on finding a style that is personal and particular to me (technicalities are still important but it’s the content that really matters now).  Taking photographs isn’t exactly rocket science but photographers who have a style of their own, one that is instantly recognisable as theirs are rare – that’s the really hard thing and I suspect there are far, far fewer photographers who manage it than there are photographers.  It will probably take years of work and practice to reach that point, if ever, but I feel like I am beginning to get a real sense of the direction I’m heading in, especially in relation to the last two shoots I’ve  done.

I am enormously interested in relationships, families, childhood, aging; in a word – life.  I’m not entirely sure why I’m using photography as the medium to explore those interests – perhaps it’s because I’m a rubbish drawer/painter and didn’t make it as an actor.  Photography isn’t exactly secondary to the very real need that exists within me, that which drives me to explore and understand those interests mentioned above  – there must be something about the way you get to control light, the need to find it in the first place and then the voyeuristic nature of being behind the camera and capturing moments in other people’s lives that suits me.  But it’s important for me to remember what it is I’m doing with photography.

In the photos I have included here there are some very genuine moments.  I love that.  I have tried hard to keep the photos real and hope the balance is right.  Touching up and editing is an integral part of photography, always has been even before Photoshop came along.  But finding the balance for your own particular style isn’t always easy.  There’s nothing wrong with very processed work but I’m not sure that’s where I’m at at the moment.  Knowing how much to do, or not to do is the trick I guess.

I really enjoyed this shoot with the very lovely Conways.  I hope I’ve captured the personality and ‘flavour’ of their family.  I feel I’ve achieved at least some of that.  The final image is not a formal portrait with everyone looking at the camera but that is what I love about it:  the circular shape of the family – all heads creating a sweeping movement which in my mind shows a real continuum, and the loving connection that is so evident between the parents.  I think it might be my favourite of the lot.

South London Baby Photographer

Addison is such a sweet baby and I love the name!  The Traeger family invited me to come and take some photos of their lovely little girl who I have to say is very cute indeed.  She was quite patient with me most of the time and rather interested in the camera.  Thank you, Addison, for allowing me into your new life for a couple of hours.  I am always so pleased to be spending time with little babies and find these sessions incredibly enjoyable.

I really like the gentle colours and tones in this image
Very young babies have got so much to say and Addison’s Dad is really listening here. It’s amazing just how  much communication goes on from the moment babies are born (and before for that matter).
Addison’s mum is doing incredibly well and looks so proud and in love with her little bundle here

London Corporate Photographer

I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Racepoint Global, based at Westfield, Shepherds Bush, a couple of weeks ago.  I was asked to come in and take photos of employees that illustrate their hobbies along with some straight head shots.  The hobby shots are going to be added to a space in the waiting area of Racepoint’s office where photographs of all the people who work there are displayed doing something they love.  It works really well; and it was good to spend the day finding out how all the people I photographed spend their spare time.  What a lot of healthy, fit and very clever people!

I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day which was fortuitous as I was far too tired to have a sneaky trip round all the shops at Westfield Shopping Centre; thank goodness I don’t work there on a daily basis – not sure I’d ever have any money.

I can’t go without saying a big thank you to Sonia Carneiro, Racepoint’s multi-talented office manager.  She has assisted on a few shoots in the past and helped me out during my time in Shepherds Bush, and I couldn’t have asked for a better assistant!

See some examples below:


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London Corporate Photographer

Corporate head shot of Sarah Legge, a great wedding photographer!
Corporate head shot of Sarah Legge, a great wedding photographer!

Wow – I was thrilled, more than a little nervous, flattered and excited about being asked by Sarah Legge, winner of 2014 Best Wedding Photographer*, to do some head shots for her website.

I hope she doesn’t mind me telling you, but Sarah was quite nervous about being on the other side of the Canon and told me she now understands why some of her clients feel nervous.  I didn’t let on that I was also a bit nervy because she’s been doing this a lot longer than me and really knows her stuff, but I was very pleased when she told me that I’d been ‘lovely and a natural behind the camera’.  I totally understand her discomfort about being photographed.  I used to be an actor and it was really uncomfortable having head shots done.  Maybe that’s one of the quite numerous reasons I’m not one anymore!

* 2014 Wedding Ideas Magazine Awards

Wandsworth Family Photographer

I’m happy that my very first blog is about the lovely Perrett family.  Photographing the Perrett’s was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the persuasive chocolate buttons too – thank you! All three kiddies have very distinct personalities and I hope I successfully captured their differences.  I also really like the fact that there are a variety of moods here.  I was pleased with this shoot and I know the Perretts are too.  There really are worse ways to earn a living and it was an absolute pleasure to spend a Sunday afternoon in their company.
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