Wandsworth park – Family photography

It’s hard to believe that the beginning of the winter term was only a few weeks ago.  I’ve been so busy as we adjust back into the routine, but now I’ve finally got a chance to catch up with a blog or two.  Just after term started I went along to Wandsworth Park which is situated near Putney on the river Thames and good place for some family portraits.  It has beautiful big old trees plus a fabulous cafe with great coffee (and a Crazy Golf course which the kids always enjoy if you’re not there for photos).  I was with a mum friend of mine who is already thinking about Christmas gifts (so organised!), and she asked me to do some photographs.  Here are a few of them:


untitled-2125 untitled-0045 untitled-2093 untitled-2313 untitled-2213 untitled-0150 untitled-2266 untitled-2202 untitled-2335 untitled-0088©Sarah-Jane Field


Family Photography – South London

I had a lovely afternoon photographing my old boss (a truly brilliant woman although I’m probably somewhat biased and base my opinion on the fact she increased my salary substantially after she came to work at the same place as me quite a few years ago.)  We worked together before either of us had any children and we hadn’t seen each other in quite some time until recently. It was lovely to meet her beautiful girls who were full of ideas and seemed to enjoy the whole process enormously – as did the extremely cute little doggy.  I enjoyed it too as we also had a tasty picnic and it was really great to catch up.


untitled-0008 untitled-0076 untitled-9906 untitled-0174 untitled-9864 untitled-9953 untitled-9964 untitled-9983 untitled-0120

All images ©Sarah-Jane Field

Wandsworth family photography

In the middle of the summer madness I popped over to Balham to capture this family in their London home before they left the UK for good having been here for some time.  I hope there is lots of help back home and I know the extended family will be ever so pleased to have this little charmer with them.


All images ©Sarah-Jane Field


Family Photography – South London

September has arrived and I don’t know about anyone else but I am really rather relieved to get back into the routine.  Just before the holidays came to end I had a packed weekend working in Teddington, Woking and Richmond Park.  It doesn’t have quite the same ring as “New York, London, Paris”  – but who wants that after a summer of camping in Wales, feeding Highland Cows and eating pasties in Cornwall.  Here are some images from one of the weekend sessions;



All images ©Sarah-Jane Field

Wandsworth Family Photographer

Just before the holidays started (seems ages ago now!) I popped round to photograph two adorable little boys and their mummy and daddy at their home in Wandsworth.  Both kiddies were very well behaved and let me snap away without too much complaint – thanks boys!


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All images © Sarah-Jane Field

Wandsworth Park, near Putney, London – Family photographer

There are so many parks in South London; we’re really lucky to have such a lot of choice.  One of the loveliest is Wandsworth Park very near Putney.  It is next to the Thames and has a friendly cafe with decent coffee and a great playground right by it.  Plus it’s a relatively little park so not too overwhelming, and with a beautiful avenue of trees and plenty of shade on hot days.  This family wanted to have their photographs taken in a local area and the weather was great at the end of July in London.  They look like they were having a pretty good time but I know this little boy was very grateful to be finished with his photos and run off to have an even better time on the climbing frame!

untitled-0308 untitled-0316 untitled-0322 untitled-0331 untitled-0342 untitled-0416 untitled-0498-2

All images ©Sarah-Jane Field

South London Family Portrait Photography

This lovely family are very busy with full time jobs, a restaurant and a family which includes an adorable new baby girl.  It was fun to pop round one morning and photograph them before they rushed to a local fair for some summer fun.





South London Family Photographer

After advertising on my local Facebook group I was asked to take some photographs of these lovely children.

Looking at mum with lots of love in his eyes… love that!
This little boys was really into his trampoline and frankly I don’t blame him! I’d been on there like a shot if I could.
Such beautiful eyes
Enjoying his trains
Love mum’s presence in this one
So much going on here – when’s that woman with the camera leaving perhaps??
Iggle Piggle had to be included somewhere!

Wandsworth Family Photographer

A couple of weeks back I did a family shoot with the lovely Hughes’ family who were after some images for a present.  I hear the recipient was very pleased!

Always worth getting a few of Mummy & Daddy together rather than simply concentrating on the children
I love the seriousness of this
Personalities truly captured here!
I think it’s a mistake to underestimate children and this portrait is a good indicator of that.
Glad I was on the ball enough to catch this!
Lovely family!
I really like being able to rely on natural light. A large sliding door made this shot possible.
Granny (mum to this mum) would have been so pleased to get this, I’m sure.