South London Photographer: Climate Protests in London

The following images are from today’s climate Extinction Rebellion protests, which I believe are planned to continue for some days to come. As I have been doing over the last two years, I photographed the way people are choosing to speak out about issues that matter to them. I will need to keep some images back as I read there are planned arrests this evening, but the protesters in the following images are obscured in some way or performing and so overtly present or have already been arrested.

This morning, someone I know said that the arrests had been pre-arranged but I spoke with a legal observer this evening and was told categorically the arrests had not been arranged in any way. Those being led away did not look like they were happy to be going anywhere and I saw how they tried to sit it out – but no-one was violent. I was told people were arrested as gently as possible on Waterloo Bridge this morning, which is where I heard a policeman telling one of his colleagues they were going to arrest people one by one – and then they proceeded to do so.

I was not able to stay for the evening but it will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days.

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2 thoughts on “South London Photographer: Climate Protests in London”

    1. Thanks, Amano. In response re Brexit, it might be worth thinking in terms of networks and systems. “A social network [i.e. society] … is a nonlinear pattern of organisation, and concepts developed in complexity theory, such as feedback or emergence are likely to be relevant in a social context” (Capra & Luigi Luisi, 2016) So rather than considering Brexit and the various associated positions people have as separate and unrelated to the climate protests, we might see all of these expressions of frustration and others as deeply connected. It may also be worth thinking about chaos – and how the theory suggests that in-between order there are likely to be periods of instability and in fact “new structures, technologies, and new forms of social organisation may arise unexpectedly in situations of instability, chaos or crisis. (ibid) A final quote – “Today, the world we see outside and the world we see within are converging. This convergence of two worlds is perhaps one of the important cultural events of our age”. My documentation is geared towards recording and documenting various forms of expression which query old social structures and might prompt or lead to the birth of new and updated ones. Book quoted: Systems View of Life – More about the book:

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