South London Photographer: Reluctantly having an enforced break

I can’t tell you how annoying it is not to have my MAC here.  It’s a bit sickly, running very slowly, and so has gone into the MAC mending shop to be sorted out.  Having a small, but growing business is all about learning from mistakes, as much as it is about anything else. And all my images are backed up on an external hard drive, but are my invoices and records?? Er… nope!

Also, whilst I do have a small laptop, courtesy of some generous friends of mine, on which I am working now, it is much better to edit, portraits especially, on the bigger, higher resolution screen that is currently idling away in MAC hospital.

Being forced to slow down through a mixture of necessity and incompetence, however, is probably not a bad thing.  I’ve had the most awful cold for a couple of weeks and I can feel myself getting better and a lot less tired, which is not only a relief but also quite a pleasant feeling…hmm, weird!

And although I also do feel quite frustrated by my inability to get on with admin and editing, I take comfort in the fact that I have been able to have some fun, grab some street photography on my phone and catch up a little with the study stuff.

Here’s an iPhone image I took yesterday on my way to meet a friend for lunch, which I enjoyed without feeling any guilt whatsoever about all the editing I have waiting for me, but can’t do for a few more days.  (Ok, maybe I did feel a bit guilty but was able to rationlise it in my head as I told myself to stop fretting – No MAC, dingbat, enjoy your falafel!!)

Right, enough of the relaxing Erik Satie and chit chat about how nice it is to slow down a little. I’m going to brave learning about Marx’s base and super structure….a subject which I tried to read about earlier this week and promptly fell asleep, which is probably slowing down a bit too much, wouldn’t you say?

Wedding pics next time.


(c)Sarah-Jane Field 2015

Image taken on my phone yesterday at Waterloo Station. I love it when the sun shines and we get these amazing shapes and patterns. Luckily we had about 20 minutes of strongish sun as I went to meet my friend yesterday before it headed behind the clouds…

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