South London Photographer: Ambition and simple goals

Son No 1 has decided he’s going to MIT – Yup, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I’m not one to thwart or discourage his ambition so I said, “Ok, Lovely, that sounds nice.”

Son No 2 told me he’s going to be a YouTuber. “Really, darling?” I said, “That will be fun!”

“I’m going to throw this sweet at you!!!” said Son No 3. A slightly less ambitious aim in life but at least a highly realistic one – however, I did manage to persuade him to aim for something less aggressive that time but I’m sure he’ll return to the candy violence at some point.

I’d just like to remember to take the washing out of the machine before feeling I should probably put it through another cycle because it’s been sitting in there for several hours. I don’t think it’s very ecological or economic to keep washing everything twice (sometimes three times – oops!) My solution this week seemed to be to forget to switch it on at all – I had a mini-internal celebration every time I went into the kitchen saw the washing in the drum, thought, ‘bugger I’ve forgotten to take it out again’, and then realised it hadn’t been washed in the first place! Oh, the joy at not having to drag it out and hang it up straight away.

I imagine the mummy in this week’s photographs needs to be a bit more organised than me. Her baby is only 10 weeks old and lives on a Barge with his very lovely parents, which made the work really good fun to do. It was a very relaxed shoot – and I loved meeting this little boy and his family.

I’m sure Sons No 1,2 & 3 and I have too much stuff to live on a Barge – but we’d certainly have to get rid of all the toys in order to fit in and that is nearly a good enough reason to go for it!

All images (c)Sarah-Jane Field  2015

untitled-7660 untitled-7719 untitled-7733 untitled-7681


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