Things I’ve been learning – South London Family Photographer

There is so much to learn about photography it can sometimes feel overwhelming. I don’t think life is any different to photography in that regard and I’m beginning to see that being human is about one long learning, relearning and learning it all over again exercise.

These last few weeks I have been looking at secondary schools with my oldest son as he’s currently in Yr 6 and so preparing for a new phase of childhood.  What I have learned about secondary schools is that it is so important not to listen to the gossip and crucial to visit each school and make up your own mind.  This morning we made our application and it was pretty nerve-wracking putting schools that many people dismiss at the top of our list having visited and discovered that the stigma attached to certain institutions is utterly outdated and misplaced.  Goodness, I hope we’re right – it feels such a responsibility.  My son is so pragmatic and is taking it all in his stride.

My youngest two are way off that just yet.  My middle son merely needs to learn that apple cores go in the bin and not under his bed, or behind the sofa or anywhere else where they can rot and becomes invitations to small rodents and fruit flies. Odd to think that that sort thing isn’t pre-programmed genetically in some way.  Nope – small people aren’t quite human, definitely need socialising and that’s something I keep having to relearn again and again and again.

The mummy in the following photographs has three sons like me of similar ages so was full of empathy about the chaos that ensues.  We understandably had quite a lot to chat about – I wonder if she can teach me to be more in control of my boys because that above all is what I need to learn, I’m certain!

untitled-2639 untitled-2668 untitled-3155 untitled-3272-2

All photographs ©Sarah-Jane Field


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