A peaceful weekend

I can’t remember such a quiet weekend as the one that we’ve just had.  Various things got cancelled at the last minute and my oldest son was away with Cubs so we did very little indeed other than have way too much TV and screen time, me included.  It was bliss!

Of course, with my two younger boys it’s never really quiet but in relative terms…  The littlest did at one point get frantically cross with me when he insisted that the dishwasher tabs were called Tampax.  That was almost quite an argument although one I felt in the end I wouldn’t ever win so I gave up!

When my older son returned he greeted me with, “You forgot to give me £5!” as he stumbled in the door.  I knew I could win this one though so opened the top pocket of his coat where I was certain he’d put it two seconds after I gave it to him in order to keep it safe and retrieved the £5 I’d apparently forgotten.  I should really have pronounced in delight as he does so often, ‘Epic fail!’: one of his favourite sayings at the moment.  Which means the 2 year old comes out with it too occasionally – but it’s really very cute when he says it.

Here’s some photos of another little boy I recently photographed – what a sweetie.  Wonder if he’s going to yell, “It is Tampax!” to his mum one day…  Enjoy your week!

untitled- untitled-4084 untitled-4696 untitled-4037 untitled-3998 untitled-4659

All images ©Sarah-Jane Field




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Family and corporate, portrait and event photographer working in London and surrounding area.

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