Some of my own family

I started this blog to promote my work as a photographer with individuals and families but if it hadn’t been for my own family, I may never have started obsessively taking photographs at all  – I think this is a fairly common trend.  I don’t tend to share photos of my children and looking through the recent shots from our holiday I felt this was a shame so I thought I’d occasionally do a little post specifically about my own children and family.


untitled-1054 untitled-1070 untitled-1113 untitled-1125 untitled-7395 untitled-7651 untitled-7680 untitled-7839 untitled-7872 untitled-7998 untitled-8003 untitled-8010 untitled-8107 untitled-8586untitled-1037


Published by

Sarah Furniss

Family and corporate, portrait and event photographer working in London and surrounding area.

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